Therapeutic Day Treatment (TDT-Virginia)

What Is the service?

TDT is a combination of psychotherapeutic interventions combined with evaluation, medication education and management, opportunities to learn and use daily skills and to enhance social and interpersonal skills and individual, group, and family counseling offered in programs of two or more hours per day.

Who is this service for? 

 Therapeutic Day Treatment individuals are school-aged children and adolescents whose serious mental health, behavioral and emotional difficulties have resulted in significant functional impairments in major life and school activities. The children eligible for the services are at-risk of removal from their home or school, their ability to handle self-contained or resource classrooms without intensive interventions has been seriously compromised, they have difficulty with interpersonal relationships and require recurrent interventions at home and/or in the community.

How does the service work?

 Therapeutic Day Treatment service provides therapeutic activities including Individual and/or group social skills in education, behavior management, crisis intervention, as well as family and psycho-educational interventions. Once a child or adolescent has been determined to be eligible for Therapeutic Day Treatment, a diagnostic evaluation is conducted, followed by the development of an Individualized Service Plan designed to cover therapeutic activities before, during and after school, as well as in the home and during holiday and summer breaks.

Key Benefits/Takeaways

 The purpose of the service is intended to control aggression/anger, enhance communication, social and interpersonal skills and empower the clients to make healthy choices and better decisions overall. Moreover, the client will benefit from improving daily living skills, impulse control, peer relations, and problem-solving; contributing to improve overall psychological well-being.




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