Outpatient Therapy

What Is Outpatient Therapy?

Outpatient Therapy is a critical element of successful behavioral modification and treatment of various symptoms that impede daily functioning. Therapists at YES endorse an eclectic approach to every client, using the model of therapy that will provide the best opportunity for the therapeutic relationship to grow and reach a successful conclusion.

Outpatient Treatment Services include Individual, Family, and Group counseling/therapy. Our therapists use nationally-accepted models that are both evidenced-based and measurable. The Outpatient program offers and/or refers to a variety of services, based on the needs of the consumer.

Services may be offered in:

  • Residential Settings
  • Traditional Offices
  • Shelters
  • Community Resource Sites
  • Correctional Settings
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Interactive Audio and Video
  • Medical Behavioral Health Sites

Say YES to getting your children the help that they need. We offer free and confidential initial consultations.

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