Mental Health Residential Treatment-Level 3 (Child & Adolescents)

What Is This Service?

Mental Health Residential Treatment-Level 3 (Child & Adolescents) is a 24 hour therapeutic monitoring residential treatment facility in a community based setting.

 Who Can Benefit From This Service?

The YES program serves at risk adolescents with mental health diagnosis ages 12-18 male or female, that warrants the need for out of home placement due to their behavioral issues.


How Does It Work?

For 3-6 months is the length of the program which during that time the following services are offered to the consumer: substance abuse counseling, enhanced therapy, independent living skills, therapeutic interventions, life skills development, recreational therapy, family therapy, structured living environment, academic support and assistance, group sessions,  person centered development, goal setting, and positive reinforcement towards decreasing symptoms and behaviors.

 Key Benefits/Takeaways

Upon successful completion of the home the consumer will be introduced to a less structured and restrictive environment that will provide more flexibility and opportunities based upon their performance and development.  The consumer will be knowledgeable about triggers as well as coping skills to assist in remaining calm and reducing crisis episodes.

Upon completion of the program the consumer will have undergone extensive psychoeducation training to learn about their diagnosis as well as symptoms.  The consumer will also be aware of medication and the purpose of each medication, including the side effects.  Consumer will be able to successfully cope and adapt to environmental stressors, and be able to complete school, locate a job, and or engage in family/community/peer activities.

The consumer will also be able to effectively voice their needs and concerns for future treatment and development.

Say YES to getting your children the help that they need. We offer free and confidential initial consultations.

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