Community Support Team-Plus (CST-Plus)

What Is a Community Support Team-Plus?

Community Support Team-Plus (CST-Plus) is an intensive community-based rehabilitation service that provides direct treatment and restorative interventions as well as case management. CST Plus is a service designed to assist those consumers needing therapy, intensive case management, ongoing assessment, planning, linkage and referral to paid and natural supports. Monitoring and follow up, including crisis management and support is an important part of CST Plus.

Who Can Benefit From This Service?

State-funded services for adults begin at age 18.

How Does It Work?

The CST Plus licensed professional or associate level licensed professional team leader drives the delivery of this rehabilitative service and will provide face-to-face therapy weekly. In partnership with the consumer and the therapist, the assigned CST QP, identified as the person responsible for the PCP, has ongoing clinical responsibility for developing and revising the PCP.

Key Benefits/Takeaways?

  • Reduced mental health symptoms
  • Engagement in the recovery process
  • Increased ability to function as demonstrated by community participation
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